Ahoi Ashtami


Celebrated in autumn on the Ashtami day, the Ahoi festival or Ahoi Ashtami is a fast observed by mothers for the well-being of their sons (here in the US we do it for all our kids). The Ahoi Ashtami is usually celebrated in the months of October-November or the Karthik month (specifically the 8th day after full moon) in the Hindu calendar. Very similar to Karwa Chauth, although not as popular, the Ahoi Ashtami is performed mostly by people living in the North of India.  There is a folktale that goes along with the holiday, but we look it as a holiday to celebrate these beautiful children that God has blessed us with.



Maharani Mamas:  We get together and put fruit on a thali, pull out our framed “Ahoi Ashtami Image” that is framed, play a YouTube video to do an aarti, and then break our fast together afterward.  For us, fasting is whatever you want it to be.  So Maharani Shivani has fruit and juice throughout the day, Kavita does no food, only chai.



Here is the Ahoi Ashtami Image that we use:

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