Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!  Last year I completely forgot to send something, so this year I decided to do this a few weeks early, in January, so it was ready to go.  I even dropped it to school and put it in her cubby so it wouldn’t get forgotten.  Whether you decided to do cute store bought valentines or make your own, it’s always fun to get the kids involved in assembling the valentines they share with their classmates.

This year, Anya’s valentine was little paint sets for her classmates.

I got the idea for the printable, the free printable, and instructions here.

Valentine's Day Printable









Valentine's Day, Printable Valentine











This year, Anik and Aryana’s were lollipops.

Kavita designed this printable herself, to customize it to the children’s names.  You can have this Printable for free without the name on it.  Click here for it.


Valentine's Day, Valentines Printable



Send Diwali Cards

If you plan to send a family holiday card, it is time to pick the card, picture and get your stuff together! Our top recommendation for modern Indian themed cards are:



My personal favorite!



Rangoli Designs for Diwali

IMG_0664Make Rangolis

Option 1: Rangoli  – using salt and watercolors

  • Create an interesting pattern on cardstock and go over it with glue
  • Pour Salt over the glue
  • Drop small watercolor pain droplets and watch the colors grow!

Option 2: Rangoli  – cardboard and paint

  • Cut out a flower or basic components of the Rangoli design on cardboard
  • Give each member of the family one part to decorate
  • Collect and glue back to give it shape.

Option 3: Rangoli  – paper plates and foam stickers


  • Take simple paper plates, and decorative stickers or foam stickers.
  • Create any design you want!



First Day of Diwali: Dhanteras

dhanterasOn Dhanteras, Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth, is worshipped to provide prosperity and well-being.  In the evening, the lamp is lit and Dhan-Lakshmi is welcomed into the house.  Rangoli designs are drawn on pathways, devotional hymns are sung, sweets and fruits are offered to the Goddess.

Some follow the tradition of buying gold or silver jewelry or utensils to venerate the occasion of Dhanteras.  Many wear new clothes of jewelry as they light the first lamp of Diwali.

Dhanteras oftentimes means the lady of the house receives steel or glass items for her kitchen – dishware, glasses, any item for the kitchen.  In the past, this used to be steel, now, glass is more common, so glass is given.  Maharani Mama Kavita has a tradition of ordering a Cutco knife each year, it’s a great purchase, great quality, and is steel.  What traditions do you follow on Dhanteras?

Partnership with Pratham

We arDiwali Booke pleased to announce our fundraising effort via sale of children’s books on Indian culture. We are launching with a book about Diwali, “Lots of Lights” targeted to kids in preschool/kindergarten.  Helping children understand Indian culture allows them to be better global citizens, and for Indian children in America, it allows them to learn about their culture in a fresh and relevant way.

100% of all profits will be donated to Pratham, an organization committed to spreading literacy in India that has already reached 1.6million and been recognized by leading foundations including Skoll, Gates and Hewett.

Please forward this post to all your friends and family to help support literacy here and abroad.

Books can be purchased here ( )

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