This DIY (Do-It-Yourself) section of the website is to help you create ANY of these crafts yourself. We always looked at these amazing parties and thought “Wow, wouldn’t it be awesome if we could do that?” Guess what, you absolutely can! With the advent of Pinterest, Facebook, and a million great crafty blogs out there, it’s easier than ever to just try something.

We have become great at so many crafts, that now we’re always looking for newer, more challenging crafts and projects to try.

DIY Diwali TentCircus-Tent-682x1024

This is the link we used to make our Diwali tent but there are lots of options. For Christmas, Christians/Christmas lovers (ahem Shivani), people get in the holiday spirit by buying a tree, decorating it, putting presents under it, and adding traditions and keepsakes to a tree year after year.

For Diwali, we thought we should do something similar, something that has presence, that we can pack away at year’s end and pull out again and again.

This Tent will take you less than 40 mins and requires no sewing.


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