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My Pinterest Perfect Life!  

As I reflected on the many hours I just spent browsing on Pinterest, I began to wonder if I was only there to admire other people’s talent in cooking, crafts, photography, housekeeping, sewing, etc. or was I ever going to actually implement these ideas. Could I execute on these creative, organized and inspiring pins that I spent so much time looking at?  It turns out that it is not that hard! I set some lofty goals to help me get started on having a Pinterest Perfect life:

  1. Food: Compile and categorize healthy, easy recipes for a weekly dinner menu with  themes – at least 5 weeks of different ideas.
  2. Kids Activities: Create weekly theme lists of different activities to do with the kids (ex. Messy Monday, Tasty Tuesday, etc.).
  3. Organize: Pick my top 10 favorite organizing pins and implement
  4. Clean: Get a few tips together that are doable. If you don’t have time to make  all your own cleaning products, then don’t pin it to this board!
  5. Decor: Start with one room and pin 5 ideas you can implement.
  6. Parties: Figure out a few themes for your kids birthday and start pinning.
  7. Pictures: Find your favorite poses and try them every chance you get.

Food – Pinterest Perfect Dinner Menus

Creating a diner menu using Pinterest was so easy that I couldn’t believe I didn’t do it sooner. This is probably my most useful discovery during this whole process. I used to go the grocery two to three times a week and now never go more than once! It took me less than an hour to create an online personalized cookbook and populate it with themed menus.

1. Pick your themes and create boards (will probably also need ones for appetizers, deserts, drinks, etc)

2. Start pinning recipes that look good. For favorites that you have, use Google images to find a picture similar to the food and populate the recipe. Pin at least four recipes to each theme or category choice.

At the start of each week create your menu and grocery list using your boards. Tip: Pin all recipes to the relevant boards to make it easy when searching. Ex. Chicken enchiladas is in both my Mexican and chicken boards

Kids – Pinterest Perfect Kid Activities

I am always looking for activities to engage the kids because otherwise they drive me crazy!  Making a dinner menu worked so well for me that I decided to organize their activities like dinner with daily themes that I would pick at the start of the week so I could make sure to have all needed supplies.

1. Pick your themes and create boards. I picked the following for my themes:

Monday Kid Construction – Building things

Tuesday Kid Color- Art

Wednesday Kid Creation – Science

Thursday Kid Cook - Dishes they can help you make

Friday Kid Count & Compose – Reading & writing

Saturday Kid Culture – Music, different countries

Sunday Kid Crazy – Pretty much anything else

2. Start pinning activities that look good. For favorites that you have, use Google images or something similar to find a picture similar to the activity and populate the activity. Choose at least four per boards so you have plenty of variety for kids

There are a ton of great homeschooling blogs with lots of ideas so don’t be afraid to leave Pinterest to pin new ideas. At the start of each week, pick activities and gather supplies. If you are very ambitious (i’m not), it would be fun to create a calendar to show them what they will be doing. Also, it helps build anticipation which will make them more willing participants. This is also a good way to make sure they are getting exposed to whatever is important to you. For me it is culture or international awareness. I enjoy learning about different countries/cultures so it makes it more fun to do those type activities.

I would actually love to put together a book of all these activities and give it to them when they have kids and need ideas on what to do.


Organize – Pinterest Perfect Organization

1. Search through your boards for the top 10 ideas that would help you feel more organized and pin in a new Board called Organization Implemented.

2. Each week take one idea and gather supplies needed and implement!

Share pictures of your accomplishments on MaharaniMamas facebook account!


Clean – Pinterest Perfect Clean

It is unfortunate the amount of chemicals that are put into cleaners. As consumers we can’t rely on the government to keep toxic products out. The EwG has a list of top offenders with great tips on what to look for.

  1. Create a board for toxic cleaning tips for easy reference, cleaning schedules and cleaning products.

2. Once you have a good supply of information in each board. Design the right schedule for you either copying the one you like best or putting together  best practices of a few and create/buy the needed supplies.

Tip. If you going to make your own cleaning products, make a small sample to test if it works for you and then a big batch.  Also don’t pin ideas that are not realistic to your lifestyle. This is a board of action items not pins that are never going to happen.


Décor – Pinterest Perfect Décor

I think it is best to start with a small room like the laundry room or a bathroom to test any DIY skills and once you get into it, you will be able to take a bigger risk on a larger room.

  1. Pick the room and then create a board with elements you want the room to have. Include color combinations, accent pieces, art, etc.
  2. Start ordering all the supplies need to create the space you want and schedule a day to execute.

Repeat as soon as you are done. These are projects that you can do in your own time. Once you finish one room, it will give you such a feeling of satisfaction that you too can have Pinterest Perfect Décor.


Parties – Pinterest Perfect Parties

This is actually quite an easy thing to do. At first these parties seem like they are done by professionals (and some are) and unachievable, but if you look closely, it is just about creating one beautiful main table.  However, it does take some planning and usually some love of crafting.

  1. Pin all the party elements that you like.
  2. Find the printable (invitation, favor tag, banner, etc) that you like. Order from the same company or find a graphic designer (oDesk is a good source) to recreate something like it for you. Print items using either thick cardstock or full sheet sticker paper which you can get at Office Depot.

The first party you make Pinterst Perfect can take some investment if you don’t have apothecary type looking jars or a long table cover. However, you will throw a lot of birthday parties so worth the investment if you can make it. Just get genearic items and not too theme specific.  Also, it is a cute touch to set the kids table with small water bottles, plates, cups, party hats, etc. It is easy to get carried away but just the pintables add a fun and different feel to the party so it doesn’t look like a standard theme from Party City and gives it that Pinterest Perfect Party feel.

Click here for some of our parties.

Click here for free pintables.


Pictures – Pinterest Perfect Pictures

I always see the cutest poses on Pinterest and wish I had the same pictures with my family or of my kids. While it is hard to replicate and most are taken professionally, it is super handy to have a handful of poses you like so you can get into position when someone is talking the picture.  If it is a family shot, it also helps to quickly reference the pose so everyone in the picture knows what you want.

  1. Create a board of poses that you like.

Easy enough!  My family profile picture is actually from a pose that I saw on Pinterest.




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