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Top 10 Party Ideas

  1. Diwali Cookie Party
  2. Diwali Dinner Party
  3. Diwali Girls Lunch Party – Post Diwali Leftovers
  4. Dia Decorating Party
  5. Progressive House-to-House Holiday Party for the Neighborhood
  6. Diwali Movie Marathon
  7. Antakshari/Karaoke Night
  8. Kids Pajama & Story Night
  9. Diwali Tea Party
  10. Rangoli Decorating Party

Schedule for Diwali

Diwali always falls in Mid-November.  Here’s your calendar to prepare for Diwali!

October 1st Week:  Select Diwali Cards online (Minted.com, etc.) or make ones with your kids to mail to friends, family, your network, etc.

October 2nd Week: Start organizing all kid activities and take an inventory of decor so you can order any items you want

October 3rd Week:  Decorate the House for Diwali.  All Internal House Decorating.  Front Doorstep Decorating to happen right after Halloween – for those prefer it.

October 4th Week:  Organize and Detail Clean the House.  Involve the kids, let them know why you are doing it.  Diwali is Spring Cleaning Time.  Collect all items for kids activities.

November 1st Week:  Buy all ingredients, plan grocery lists for the big feast.  Mail out those Diwali cards.

November 2nd Week:  It’s Diwali Time!!!  Start Preparing all your special foods and desserts!

Black Friday OR December 26th – 30th: Buy red, gold, green, glittery décor items for next year’s Diwali, on sale of course!


For the Kids

It is really important to get kids involved and excited about Diwali. Plan ahead what crafts you plan to do and have materials ready so it is not a stressful month.

Top 10 Favorite Craft Ideas

1. Send out cards

  • Have kids make a list of everyone they want to send a card
  • Get construction paper, pictures of the kids, Indian images (om, ganesh,etc) and let them cut and glue.
  • Have them write a message and stuff envelopes
  • The process will make them feel a part of the holiday and the personalized wishes will light up the receiver’s day!




2. Make a Diwali tent

– This can be as easy as hanging a sari or covering a tent with colorful material

- We encourage you to get creative. This is the best way to be fun and creative with Diwali

- Our blog shows a simple no sewing required way to make a tent

- Add ornaments, pillows, whatever you want to make it more festive

Our Diwali Tent:











3. Hide Pennies for Prizes

  • Have kids help clean the house by hiding either pictures or pennies depending on age.
  • Hide them in places they would have to do a deep clean to find
  • Trade each penny for a surprise


4. Make Rangolis

Option 1: Rangoli  – using salt and watercolors

  • Create an interesting pattern on cardstock and go over it with glue
  • Pour Salt over the glue
  • Drop small watercolor pain droplets and watch the colors grow!

Option 2: Rangoli  – cardboard and paint

  • Cut out a flower or basic components of the Rangoli design on cardboard
  • Give each member of the family one part to decorate
  • Collect and glue back to give it shape.

5. Decorate Diyas

Option1: Diyas – Fast Drying Clay/Paint

  • Buy fast drying clay and make small bowls or little hear shapes to place tea lights
  • Decorate with paint

Option 2:  Diyas – Tea Lights and Washi Tape




6. Paper Lantern

Materials needed:

  • Cylindrical glasses or vases
  • Colored cardstock
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tea light or votive candle


a) Measure the height and circumference of your glass and cut a piece of tissue paper that is the same height and 1/4″ wider than your measurement.

b) Put a strip of double-sided tape down the length of your glass and wrap the tissue paper around, securing both ends onto the tape.

c) Measure and cut a piece of colored card stock that is 1″ taller and 1/2″ wider than your glass measurement.

d) Fold the cardstock in half lengthwise and starting at the fold line, make a series of cuts that are approximately 1/2″ to 1″ apart, making sure to stop about 1″ from the edge.

e) Unfold the cardstock and stick pieces of double sided tape along the top and bottom, and all along one of the short edges.

f) Wrap around your glass, lining up the top and bottom of the glass with the top and bottom of the cardstock.

g) Light a candle and carefully insert it into the glass.


7. Flying Lanterns

a) Pin four sheets of tissue paper to the clothesline and spray with fireproofing product, avoiding the corners where the pins are. Allow the paper to dry.

b) Glue each sheet of treated tissue paper to an untreated sheet, joining them lengthwise with a thin layer of adhesive.

c) On craft paper, draw a pattern that resembles half of a mitten. Your completed lantern will resemble a hot-air balloon when the four pieces are joined. Make four half-mitten pieces from the craft paper and tape them together, with the flat portion open on the bottom, creating a mock-up of your lantern and adjusting where necessary. When you are satisfied with the design, remove the tape.

d) Using the craft pattern as a guide, cut the tissue paper, making four slightly curved pieces with one straight edge. Glue the lantern pieces together, leaving the straight edge open, creating the bottom of the lantern.

e) Make a bamboo hoop. Split the bamboo into thin strips, carefully moving a knife slowly down the length of the pole. Test the strips for pliability by bending them slightly between your hands. Once you find a pliable piece, sand it until it is smooth. Form a hoop with the bamboo strip and secure the ends with glue.

f) Install a wire “X” onto the frame; secure in place with staples. Cover the cardboard square with foil and secure it to the center of the “X” with tape, staples or glue.

g) Make a foil cup, large enough to hold the cotton ball. Tape this to the center of the pad.

h) Attach the tissue paper to the hoop at the open bottom with tape, staples or glue–remember, it works like a hot-air balloon, so the foil cup should face the inside.

i) Take your lantern outside. Soak the cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and place the saturated cotton in the foil cup. Light the cotton on fire and hold the lantern, allowing it to fill with warm air. When the sides are hot and you can feel the lantern pulling away, release it.

j) You can also buy flying floating lanterns and release them on Diwali – Add a special pop to a Diwali celebration


8. Make table top Smores

a) Fill terracotta pots lined with foil charcoal and light

b) Helps to light up a backyard and give everyone a tabletop flame to make smores

c) Need two graham crackers, marshmallows & chocolate to make the perfect treat

 9. Read them an Indian Children’s Story

Buy 5 children’s book that relate to India or Diwali. Wrap them and Put them in the tent with a special blanket next to them. Before bed each evening, your kids choose one book to open and read together for the five days of Diwali.








10. Make cookies/sweets and decorate tins

a) You can find cookie tins at most dollar stores in gold or sliver.

b) Give your kids glitter pens or sticker jewels to jazz them up a bit

c) Write Happy Diwali and give them to teachers, friends & Famiy


Favorite Picks

DIY Ideas:

  • Spray Paint Dollar Store Xmas Tins Red, put Diwali sticker or printable on top
  • Spray Paint Plain Cardboard Gift Boxes, put brownies/cookies/mithai inside, tie glitter gold bow on it like I did for Ice Cream Shoppe
  • Paint your own lanterns.
  • Glitter your own votive holders.







Decorate Your Own Diwali Themed Dessert Table, Dinner Table, etc.



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