So if our weddings are several days full of color, jewels, and downright madness, we felt kid parties couldn’t fall too far behind. After all they are the next generation of Rajas and Maharanis.  We would love to see other fabulous birthday, dinner or holiday parties. Please email your party with 5 favorite pictures to

Nautical Party – Anya Turns 4 and Aditya Turns 1


Nautical Party 1


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 2


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 3






Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 4


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 5


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 6


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 7


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 8


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 9


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 10


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 11


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 12


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 13


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 14


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 15


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 16


Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 18
























Maharani Mamas Nautical Party 19







































































Vintage Airplane Party – Anik turns 3

Vintage Airplane Party

Anik loves airplanes and anything to do with flying.  We wanted to create something that had a vintage feel with playful elements. The table was centered around the two hot air balloons, which helped give the party a softer look.  We framed the back window with a blue sheet and pinned it up with a rope, also hung his favorite blue fighter plane over the cake, cut recycled maps to make the banner along with an old suitcases to house the party favors (inflatable airplanes).  The cake was vanilla and strawberry. It was really yummy thanks to!

Vintage Airplane Party

Used this table to park kids snacks/drinks. I got his hat on amazon.

Airplane Party

The kids table. The water bottles had a “jet fuel” label.

Airplane Invitation

The kids loved the popcorn and milk in a bottle, but had to be careful since they were glass. Used the Starbucks frappacino bottles with paper straws.

Airplane Cup Cake Covers

These cupcake covers were super cute! I found them on  from Spaceships and Laser Beams.


A picture of the family.

You can find the printables I used for this party under our Free Printables!


Aryana Turns 1!

I was so excited to have a girl birthday party that I may have gone a little crazy, but it really does look more pink than it really was. We used the Allison Wonderland theme to tie in a fun whimsical tea party. I used the printables from Anders Ruff. Each girl got an apron to “paint the roses red”..was lucky to have the MIL in town who was able to sew those together.

The birthday girl with her topsy turvy cake.



Carousel Theme Birthday Party – Anya turns 2!

First, I accumulated all my ideas onto a pinterest board:

Anya’s Birthday parties are a labor of love.  I usually start planning it in July.  And the party is in October.  It takes a series of documents, long shopping lists, many planning meetings with Kavita, tons of delicious hours drooling over images related to my theme online, and many nights spent dreaming about how to execute the party the way I envision it.

I truly love throwing parties that take a theme and execute that theme to its maximum potential.  This Carousel Theme for me meant pinks, glittery gold, glam, vintage carousel, whimsical, and magical.  And I think I achieved that.  I’ll collect some of the links for the DIY carousel/circus tent, the bubble tins we made, and some of the other items, and will post them here.

I could not find the perfect printable for my party, so I had them designed for this party, which was fun.  If you have any questions about this party, just email us!

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