Because this is such a simple holiday, it is one of our favorites. We are probably a little biased because we are girls and on the receiving end of a lot of gifts:)


I think it is nice to make your brother’s favorite dishes. For us that means kadhi, paneer with mixed veggies, rice and chocolate cake…thank god it is simple:)



1. For the younger kids, it is a great time to plan a day of activities to spread the sibling love.

2. For us, it is nice to take time out of our busy lives to spend with our brothers.

3. All you need is a thali with sindoor, rice, prasad and of course the Rakhi for the pooja part of this ceremony.


Kids Crafts

1. Make rakhi’s with your girls. It is a fun craft project and can be as complicated as a four string friendship bracelet or as simple as gluing a pom pom to string.

I find the younger boys love if you can incorporate a little plane, train or car so look out for buttons that might be in those shapes to glue to their Rakhi.

2. Bake the brothers their favorite desert. Always fun to get the kids involved in the kitchen.


Favorite Picks

Our favorite place to get last minute Rakhis and items is Amazon!


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