Below is a list of activities with less than 15min of set up work but hours of fun!  Please send us ideas of any fun projects you want to share to 


To the Moon!


Need: toilet paper roll, glue, construction paper, scissors

- Make a Rocket Ship for the kids that is plain, let them decorate it, and then play with it – just cover a paper towel roll with construction paper, make a funnel for the top, glue that on, make little triangle wings

- Explain that the United States was the 1st country in the World to put a man on the moon.  Explain NASA.  The Space Program.


Practice Cutting Strips

Practice Cutting Strips

Need:   construction paper, any stickers, kid-safe scissors

- Cut strips of construction paper, at 1-2 inch intervals, place stickers of any kind

- Have the children cut in between the stickers, practicing fine motor skills


Name that state

Where Ya Been

Need: Printed map of the United States.  Poms, Glue

Call out the names of the cities or states your kids know, and have them glue a pom on each of them.  Fun way to teach geography!


Magical Colors

Water Made Fun

Need: plastic cups, food coloring, ice

- Show kids a magic trick.  Put food coloring in plastic cups, let it dry

- When you are ready to perform your magic trick, sit the kids down, fill the cups with ice, ask them if they see anything in the cups

- Then start pouring water in each cup, to show them the magical colors coming from clear water to colored!

- Our kids loved it and wanted to start drinking all the water.

- Next step would be:  mix cups and show them how to mix colors to make new ones.


Poms & Clothespins Pins Painting Activity

Paint by Clothespin

Need: poms, clothes pins, paint, paper

Clinch a pom into each clothespin, have paint ready for the children to dip into, let them paint!  Now you might ask WHY is this so special when a paint brush does the same thing?  Who knows?  But the kids loved it!


Chalkboard Table for Kids – Indoors or Outdoors

Take an old table and cover it in chalkboard paint for the kids
















chalkboard paint









I had an old coffee table sitting outside, it was useless and had no function, so I decided to make something of it!  You could grab a table from Goodwill or anywhere and do this.  Buy $15 chalkboard paint from the hardware store, a roller, and get to it.  You can also make your own chalkboard paint in different colors, just check out this post here.


Creative Table Project
Keep your table clear and your mind open

creative crafts for kids


































Shivani’s Interpretation So Far:

arts and crafts projects for kids, creative learning








All you need is some butcher paper from the hardware store – at Lowe’s it’s in the painting section in a big roll – it’s called Contractor’s paper.  Cover any table you have where you children can freely express themselves and have some fun!  Check out more details here.  For more creative activities to try with the kids check out our Pinterest Boards on it here and here.


Fun with Digging

IMG_6000IMG_6015IMG_6016 Fun to Dig

All you need is some small toys and a few plastic spoons. It took less than 5 minutes to bury the toys and we let the kids lose with white plastic spoons. Easily turns into a theme about dinosaurs or construction…for us it took the construction route.

Fun with Water

Frozen FunAn hour of fun!Kids love playing with water so a really easy theme. Fun activities include:

1. Freeze their toys in layers and give them a toy hammer, nail and water bottle with warm water.  All you need to do is collect small toys and then fill a plastic bin with water with some of the toys, freeze for 12 hours and repeat. I only did two layers because the kids are young.  It didn’t take them long to realize that the water bottle was the best bet! Tip: Have them wear sunglasses..the ice chips can go flying!

2. Turn on the sprinklers and blow colored bubbles (just add food coloring to bubbles)

3.  Water balloon toss

The list goes on…am sure everyone knows a ton to do with water!

Under The Sea



































Making kids activities fun for them and us. Sometimes putting a theme to the week helps to innovate activities and make it more fun for all involved. This week we did under the sea. Generally, we go to the library to get relevant books to the theme. We got Nemo and tried to show them a snippet of the movie on youtube but they were scared of the shark so still too little for that!

Color Matching Activity: Get colored gold fish and construction paper. Have them put the right color gold fish with the same color construction paper.

Numbers/Shapes: Cut our fish in different sizes and then have them sort by size. At the end they counted all the fish and we released our paper cut fish to the ocean.

Visit the Miami Seaquarium:  This was fun for them to see all the animals we had been talking about in person, but the highlight was still the introduction to Doritos.

Draw/Paint/Color creatures from under the sea

Up in the Sky!



























We read Up and some other books on planes, which the boys love! We also gave the kids a camera to take pictures of what they thought the sky looked like.

Made clouds out of cotton balls and a sun out of Dal. Pretty easy low tech stuff.

Used black/blue construction paper to do the night and day sky. Cut out triangles and let the kids figure out how to make stars.

We took them outside with chalk and had them draw the sky on the to see what they come up with

No snow in Florida

So we mixed equal part glue and shaving cream and then dipped pine cones to have a little bit of a snowy feel even it if is 80 degrees outside!

Stack a large, medium and small box and have the kids paint it white and make Frosty the Snowman.




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